Here at SVMFL we have a long standing tradition of developing football players & cheerleaders in our community.  We have been teaching our neighborhood children about the game of football since 1963.  We are excited that you and your child have chosen to

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When does practice start?  

  • The start of practice generally begins the first week of August.  Your Coaches will notify you.

  • Practices for Cheer/Flag are usually 2 times per week, no more than 2 hours.

  • Practices for Tackle/PP are usually 3 times per week, no more than 2 hours.

What should I bring to practice?  

For the start of the season practices, unless noted to do otherwise by your team's head coach, players should wear shorts, light colored shirts and cleats.  They should bring plenty of their own water in clearly marked water bottles.

When will equipment be handed out?  

Equipment pick up is typically scheduled for the week after pre-season practices start.  Pads typically are not worn in the first week of practice. Although not a league rule, most teams have players log a minimum of 6-8 hours of practice/conditioning without pads prior to being allowed to wear pads and participate in full contact drills.

Do I need to provide a birth certificate/proof of residency?  

Any new players or players that did not previously turn in birth certificate/proof of residency MUST present these forms in order to play.

Where does SVMFL play its home games? 

All games are played at Recreation Park, 35 Maxwell Noble Dr., Plantsville, CT.

My son/daughter would like to play on a team w/ their friend/classmate. Does your league honor “buddy requests”?

SVMFL does not honor buddy requests. Written requests may be made during registration, but, the SVMFL does not guarantee that the request will be met.

How are teams formed?

After the Combine, teams are formed one of two ways. Either through a player draft conducted by the coaches from their current division to their next eligible division or through a blind draft where players are randomly selected without knowledge of who the player is. All new players are drafted through the draft process. The number of new players drafted by each team is based on the need for players on each specific team.