Here at SVMFL we have a long standing tradition of developing football players & cheerleaders in our community.  We have been teaching our neighborhood children about the game of football since 1963.  We are excited that you and your child have chosen to

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What you Need to Know about the Equipment that will be provided to you.

The league provides each player with $ in equipment.  Please treat this equipment like it is your own property. 

After registering, the league will provide your child with the following equipment: 

1-set of flags;
1-pair of game pants;
1-set of knee pads;
1-game belt (team color); and
1-game jersey.

Game Jersey / Pants
Ideally, the game jersey and game pants should be washed on a delicate cycle and air dried because they fall apart quicker with constant dryer use. The game jersey and game pants are to be worn only on game days.  Please do not ever wear the game uniforms to practice.

All Powderpuff participants must purchase: 

Cleats (rubber spikes only)
Headband Gear (mandatory for safety - Examples include: ULTRA Jr Protective Sweatband OR Exoshield Head Guard - Equipment manager has info on other available options)